Who We Serve

At JG Wealth Management, the two most important factors considered when accepting new clients are whether the client/advisor relationship has the potential to be a good fit, and the ability to establish a solid foundation for that relationship.

We work best with clients that have a combination of two of the following attributes:

  • $100,000 Investable Assets
  • Willing to save/invest 10-20% of income
  • Willing to be an active participant in the planning process
  • Have an annual income of at least $120,000

Typical Clients Include:

  • People transitioning between employers who want to rollover their retirement plan assets (401k, 403b, etc..) to have more control
  • Business Owners or Independent Contractors responsible for their own retirement plans.
  • Entrepreneurs planning on launching a business/firm
  • Beneficiaries of an inheritance
  • People who have recently come into large sums of money
  • Anyone looking for a change in their current planning/advisor relationship or looking to start one for the first time

Our true value lies in getting to know you, your family, and your needs. Only when we have a deep understanding of everything in your financial lives do we start to make recommendations. This in-depth process allows us to offer a high level of concierge support. Let's get started today.

Have any questions? 
We would love to get you answers and to see if we are a good fit together!