Investment Management

Our Approach

JG Wealth Management is a FEE ONLY fiduciary. We receive no commissions or kickbacks from any other source. Everything we do is in the best interest of our clients.

Investments as a Tool

Investments and goals must have a proper fit for the strategy to make sense. We take a holistic approach to each client’s unique set of circumstances to ensure that you are well positioned in a diverse portfolio of Individual Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Real Estate, Partnerships or a wide array of other types of securities.

Investment Management at JG Wealth Management 

Everything we do can be traced back to your goals and explained with those goals as a reference. We take a collaborative approach with you and conform all recommendations to your priorities.

Account Access Portal

<strong>Account Access</strong>

Along with our Financial Planning Portal, you will always have access to your account with our state-of-the-art client portal. This portal focuses on performance while the planning portal is a great resource for the subjective side of wealth management. The Account Access Portal gives you the ability to:

  • Review account performance by individual account or portfolio as a whole
  • Review how your investments are diversified by asset class
  • See exactly what investments you hold
  • Upload and receive documents with our document vault

*see more about the Financial Planning Portal on the Financial Planning Page.

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