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At JG Wealth Management, we believe in simplifying the wealth management process without sacrificing the quality of the service we provide. We find that it's easier to treat everyone like a VIP than it is to create tiered levels of relationships.

Integrity | Transparency | Collaboration | Empathy | Proactive


As a fiduciary, we're held to a higher standard. We must always do what's in the client's best interest. We will always be honest and forthcoming with you. Our passion is helping people achieve their dreams and eliminating the uncertainty that many people find during their financial journey.


We appreciate your trust, but we also invite you to verify everything with our state-of-the-art client portals that give you first hand details of our actions & access to your plans.


We never stop working with you. After-all, your goals are what drive the process. We always say, "your goals provide the destination, and our strategy is the GPS".


If it's important to you, it's important to us. No matter what the circumstance or how you prioritize your goals, we're on board with what you want, and we'll work diligently to put you in the best possible position. Your peace of mind is our success matrix.


We actively listen to everything you tell us and leverage our experience so that we can address all issues whether they are obvious or hidden. We keep in good contact with you throughout the year so we can stay in the planning mode rather than the reacting mode.

Fiduciary | Fee only | Structured to fit your schedule | No outside compensation | Comprehensive approach

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