Financial Planning

Planning is the essence of what we do at JG Wealth Management.

We recognize that a strategy without a carefully considered and constructed plan is destined for failure at worst or frustration at best. Crafting the Financial Plan is where all the "heavy lifting" is done. The Financial Plan is more than a document, it is your road map to successfully achieving your goals no matter how singular or complex they may be.

Benefits of Financial Planning at JG Wealth Management

    • Unfiltered & unlimited access to your Financial Plan.
    • Unlimited revisions (no additional cost) to your Financial Plan as your circumstances change.

    Portal Access

    We understand sometimes you may want to just look at the numbers and sometimes you want to look into the strategy. It is because of this we give our clients access to two separate portals, our Financial Planning Portal and our Account Access Portal. These portals can be accessed under the Client Login tab at the top of the page.

    <strong>Financial Planning Portal</strong>

    Financial Planning Portal

    Review the more subjective side of financial management. This portal gives you the ability to:

    • Review or download your Financial Plan
    • Test various scenarios as to how they would effect your plan
    • Run simulations to evaluate the probability of successfully accomplishing your financial goals
    • Communicate with your advisor any changes to your current goals

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