Retirement Plan Administration

Retirement Plan Administrator

As you business experiences growth and prosperity, it will also face new challenges. One of those challenges is recruiting quality employees so that the growth continues. Another challenge is reducing income tax burdens that naturally increase in times of growth. JG Wealth Management can serve as an extension of your team so that you all can focus on what you know best.

As a Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist, our founder Jerome Greene specializes in designing and implementing a retirement plans that are customized to meet the specific needs of your company taking into consideration the short and long term.

We know how to work with all levels of business leadership to get the job done. Whether working human resource personnel, office managers, or business owners our approach doesn't change. Our proactive approach begins with keeping you informed every step along the way to the point where your questions are answered before you think to ask them.

<strong>Retirement solutions offered at JG Wealth Management:</strong>

Retirement solutions offered at JG Wealth Management:

  • 401(k) Plan

  • Safe Harbor 401(k)

  • SIMPLE 401(k)

  • Cash Balance Plan

  • Deferred Compensation Plan

  • Defined Benefit Plan (Pension)

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Phases of Engagement 

Fact Finding

Fact Finding

Here is where we learn about what your circumstance and what you're looking for. We answer all your questions and thoroughly review your options so that can make a well informed decision about what's best for your organization.

Plan Creation

Plan Creation

This engagement is for organizations with no existing plan in we place before entering into a relationship with us. We start from "scratch"

New Beginning&#160;

New Beginning 

Sometimes change is necessary. Our New Beginnings program is for organizations that have existing plans in place and have decided now is the time for change. 

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