Estate Planning

One of the most vital components of your financial plan is an up to date estate plan. While it may sound overwhelming, an estate plan is simply all the documents specifying how you wish for all your assets (money and otherwise) to be distributed so that your loved aren't burdened with these details while grieving.

JG Wealth Management helps identify "holes" in your estate plan and in some cases the need for one altogether. We help insure all titling is up to date and that your estate plan considers all financial implications. We also assist in identifying the steps formalizing your estate plan.

Estate Planning Process at JG Wealth Management

Take Inventory of your Assets

  1. Proper titling
  2. Valuation Assessment
  3. Ensure that all assets are properly accounted for

Draft Estate Plan with Assistance of Attorney

  1. Identify beneficiaries of your assets (who gets what)
  2. Leave instructions regarding all dependents and/or pets
  3. Articulate how you would like your affairs to be handled  in the event of incapacitation
  4. Designate the executor of your estate

Set Up & Fund Trusts

Our estate planning services considers every aspect of your circumstances to ensure that what you want to happen will in fact happen in a tax efficient and stress-free manner. There is no asset requirement or importance matrix. Estate planning is vital and should not be overlooked or bypassed in the wealth management process.

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