Wealth Management "Personal CFO"

This is JG Wealth Management's “flagship service”. It's an ongoing relationship with your advisor that encompasses all financial matters to achieve an optimal financial picture for you and your family. You are the CEO of your life and your advisor is your “Personal CFO”. Ultimately, all the decisions are yours to make and it's OUR job to make sure that you make those decisions from a well-informed position.

You get more than a financial advisor at JG Wealth Management, you get a “Personal CFO” who takes a comprehensive approach to advising you. Our strategies take the following into consideration:

The breadth of this relationship is why we're selective with Who We Serve . We maintain strong working relationships attorneys practicing a wide range of disciplines (business law; family law; estate planning, etc...) to ensure that your financial strategies are properly aligned with your legal strategies. The same holds true for our relationships with CPAs & any other professional advisor you may have.

We understand the importance of continuity and take that responsibility seriously. We are NOT transaction based, we ARE relationship based! We are there to plan, prepare for and celebrate the great times. We are also there to console, encourage and adjust in the difficult times. Not matter what, you are never alone.

At JG Wealth Management, you matter. Our investment plans aren't structured around making a sale or only working with the ultra-high net worth clients. They are structured around your needs and designed to provide you the highest level of care possible.

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