Retirement & Income Planning

JG Wealth Management helps you live for today while preparing for tomorrow with focused and comprehensive retirement strategies. We take the guesswork out of retirement planning by maximizing the efficiency of your assets by considering all factors such as taxes, goals, investment personality, and time horizon.

No two people envision the same retirement. Some people want to chase good weather, and some want to travel or help their families financially, while others are passionate about giving to their favorite cause. No matter what your priorities are, we are here for you.

Retirement Planning Strategies & Tools

Retirement Planning is a fluid process. We take into consideration all assets, not just what you have in your account with us. We develop strategies that specifically address your priorities. Common client priorities include:

  • Maintaining your standard of living during retirement
  • Deciding whether to stay in your current home, move into a bigger or                 smaller home, or buy a vacation home
  • Being able to financially help the people you love
  • Spend YOUR time doing want YOU want
  • Volunteering, mentoring, or charitable giving
  • Work because you want to, not because you have to
  • Start a business

Retirement/Income Planning Strategies that we help clients with

  • Retirement Plan Rollovers
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Pension Plan Entitlements
  • Annuities
  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans
  • IRAs (Roth & Traditional)
  • Social Security Integration
  • Retirement Plan Distributions
  • Life Insurance

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