Financial Advisors for Not-For-Profit Organizations in Los Angeles

Our financial advisory team has an intimate understanding of non-profit organizations and the many financial strategies they face because we have spent years helping these kinds of clients with their endowment management, retirement benefits, and donor gifting strategies/charitable relief trusts. We greatly enjoy working with these institutional clients because we appreciate the work they do and the impact they have on our community.

Let’s break down the “5 Ws” of our not-for-profit services:


These services are built for youth sports organizations, including select teams, travel teams, leagues, or booster clubs, HOAs, or any other organization interested in working with a financial professional on their planning needs.


We provide our not-for-profit clients with a conservative portfolio comprised of short-term securities in lieu of a savings account. In these accounts, funds will always be available. Our advisors will assist in formulating these plans initially, then provide the organization with its own dashboard and technology for greater access and visibility.


Whenever an organization is ready to start! Our financial advisors are standing by ready to work with you.


Virtually/video conference, in-person, or over the phone.


This service can be thought of as passive fundraising. Most bank savings accounts or money market accounts yield less than 1% annually, which is significantly less than the most conservative accounts. We understand that your organization needs every penny you can get to fund operations or to extend, which is why our proposed yields provide a greater sense of financial security.

Our hope is that through these non-profit services, youth sports organizations can alleviate their financial stress on parents, get more children involved, and create a stronger community. If you know of an organization that would benefit from these passive fundraising services, contact us today.

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