Operational Outlook

This service assists Home Owners Associations (HOAs) in strategically accumulating and utilizing funds more efficiently for the betterment of its member home owners. Results will be increased home values, reduced financial burden to home owners, community moral events, and fiduciary financial services.


  • Provide finance professional to assist in:
    • Needs Analysis
    • Financial Goal Articulation
      • Typical Goals –
        • Area beautification such as:
          • Landscaping
          • Painting
          • Spring Cleaning Events
          • Security
          • Common Area Improvements
          • Perimeter Fence Installation/Repair
          • Street Sweeping/Salting/Snow Removal
        • Stabilization of HOA dues
        • Assistance in scheduled bills
        • Assistance in paying management company
        • Community Moral Events such as:
          • Block Parties –
            • Independence Day
            • New Year’s Eve
            • Labor Day
              • Any reason for communities to celebrate, we help plan it out to reduce the financial burden as much as possible.
            • Generate Passive Income
              • Produce more funds without raising dues via conservative to moderate risk portfolios
            • Cash Management Services
              • Checking Account
              • Money Market Account
                • Client Portal
              • Self-Sustaining Program

Administrative Benefits

  • Reduces financial burden while still allowing community to take steps to constantly improve which in turn protects and increases home values (possibly at a rate higher than comparable communities).
  • Provides finance professional who will plan and manage finances in the same fashion as that of a business.
    • Carries out homeowners’ vision for community
    • Works closely with:
      • Treasurer
      • President
      • Management Company
      • Tax Professional
      • Attorney
      • Any other advisor/board member assisting with community management/upkeep
    • Keeps community informed by way of scheduled performance reports.


Financial Facts


2018 Inflation Rate 1.9%





Projected 2019 Inflation Rate 2.0%
Average Money Market Account Interest Rate 0.08% (1.82) (1.92)
Average Savings Account Annual Interest Rate 0.06% (1.84) (1.94)
Average Checking Account Interest Rate 0.04% (1.86) (1.96)
JGWM Conservative Portfolio Return YTD 5.02%
JGWM Moderate Portfolio Return YTD 11.0%
JGWM Fees 1.5% min of $600


Some HOAs are run by their homeowner members while others are run by management companies that specialize in the special nuances of these groups. For most people, their homes are their single largest investment in their portfolios and its often their most important investment. With that being said, it’s very rare that this investment receives professional financial management from an external point of view outside of insurance.

The cash reserves are either ignored (in a savings account) or close to non-existent. Often the return on these savings accounts do not keep pace with inflation which means purchasing power is being lost annually. We are here to fix that.

We eliminate the reactive nature of HOA financial management and adopt a proactive process to help with things like area upkeep, avoiding the need to increase dues throughout the years, pay for services/maintenance, and a host of other needs that come along with home ownership. By reducing this “pain” we reduce the stigma that many feels comes with the mention of HOAs. Our ultimate goal is to have a self-sustaining HOA which means at some point dues will be unnecessary as a result of the returns being earned by your cash reserves.

The only thing that changes on the HOAs responsibility is where to deposit funds and be willing to receive reports on the performance. In another word, NOTHING CHANGES!