The Benefits of Technology, the Heart of an Advisor

We realize that not all of our clients need a comprehensive concierge experience, which is why we created our automated advisor services, our online solution for financial management.

This program is great for investors just starting out on their planning journey and who are confident in their self-managed, technological abilities. It is offered at a lower cost and includes:

  • Proactive wealth management, savings goals, risk analysis, and retirement lifestyle progress
  • Unlimited access to your personal dashboard and informative videos, articles, and blogs
  • Annual review of your current wealth condition, including discretionary spending, retirement savings, risk management, estate plans, and long-term care
  • 24/7 monitoring and access via your personal dashboard, where you can view investment tracking, your personal risk number, non-investment assets (i.e. home, auto, collectibles), goal progress, liabilities and cash flow

Our automated advisor provides our clients with low-cost investment choices and the majority of benefits of working with a financial advisor. This allows us to serve a wide array of clients and provide the same superior level of care. This is also a great introduction to the wealth management process for those beginning their financial journey.

When you need a retirement planner, wealth manager, or financial planner, get in touch with JG Wealth Management today.

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